Logos Community Development Corporations offers Family, Individual, and Parenting counseling services understanding that everyone faces times in their lives when they don’t know how to deal with the situation(s) they are facing. Difficult thoughts, emotions, and choices confront individuals in ways that can threaten to engulf them. Our services are offered so that no one has to face them alone. Solutions are available that can help. Our counselors assist in finding the right solutions for the challenges individuals and families are faced with.

Community Feeding-

Logos Community Development Corporations rents out facilities throughout Kent and Sussex Delaware quarterly to provide free meals to the community. The meals are not limited to portions. People are encouraged to eat as much as they can.

Community Dance Training-

Logos Community Dance program offers ballet and contemporary dance training. All instructors come with a diverse background in dance, theater, arts, and culture. Classes are provided twice a week at various locations.

Emergency Assistance-

Logos Community Development Corporation provides emergency assistance to Kent and Sussex County Communities. These benefits include, but are not limited to: essential food, clothing, shelter and household furnishings; temporary rental assistance or back rent or mortgage payments; utility payments (such as heat, water, electric); transportation to search for housing; and moving expenses. At this time there is no specific budget for this program.

Logos Community Development Corporation raises awareness about various health issues through conferences and seminars. We provide health information programs, presentations and consultations that promote health and prevent disease. Programs such as these are done quarterly.

Academic Enrichment-

Logos Community Development Corporation provides academic enrichment for Kent and Sussex County Delaware with a primary focus on the home schooled population. Programs focus on improving math and reading comprehension skills in children that are in Kindergarten through eighth grade.