The Logos Community Development Corporation (LCDC) was incorporated in August, 2015 to stimulate individuals and community development through social and economic development activities and programs. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation.

The corporation’s mission is to serve, facilitate and build community through education, outreach and sustained human development. Our social and economic development activities and programs include but are not limited to addressing interrelated social problems, including poverty, domestic violence, child abuse, teen pregnancy, family disintegration, academic underachievement, substance abuse, delinquency, crime, and health problems; to encourage economic revitalization in the areas such as housing, senior care/day care and employment; to foster further development by forming partnerships with schools, mental health care agencies, community groups, municipal governments, public housing authorities, and other social services providers that have the desire and capacity to implement effective programs; to promote and encourage the development of a sense purpose and accomplishment in the disadvantaged and less fortunate.

We envision a community where everyone will have the equal opportunity to achieve success and be afforded the framework to understand what success means on a personal level. Further, we envision a community impassioned with recognizing and supporting the diversity of the gifts and talents of all people.